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Industrial Plant

Maximize your plant’s operational efficiency with precision-driven 3D modeling through our advanced 3D laser scanning services. At Know Your Space, we specialize in delivering detailed and laser-accurate 3D modeling solutions tailored for industrial facilities, providing comprehensive insights into every nook and cranny of your plant. We facilitate enhanced understanding and visualization of your space, ensuring every element is meticulously scanned and modeled to meet your strategic industrial needs.

Comprehensive Scanning Services for Industrial Plants

Our services are extensive, covering both the interior and exterior of industrial facilities, extending above ceilings and delving into the intricacies of structural elements. The precision and detail of our scans enable a multifaceted view of a facility’s layout, structural components, and equipment, granting clear insights into areas requiring attention or modification.

Interior Scanning

Our interior scans provide intricate details such as openings, doors, windows, and the heights of floors and ceilings. We scrutinize structural columns, beams, joists, and brace framing where exposed and model structural column grids and floor levels. The scans also cover vertical circulation shafts including stairs, ramps, and railings.

In addition to structural elements, our scanning services encompass electrical components including outlets and panel locations, providing information on the total amperage of each space’s circuit breaker panels. This comprehensive approach ensures every component, from plumbing fixtures and floor drains to security/fire devices like cameras, sprinklers, and fire hoses, is accurately represented.

Above Ceiling and Equipment Scans

Our scans go above and beyond, literally, extending above ceilings to capture details of HVAC systems, ductwork, electrical setups, and plumbing. This includes a thorough examination of equipment such as pipes, valves, flanges, and cable trays, and analysis of wall and floor flatness, allowing for optimized layout planning and enhanced operational flow.

Exterior Scans

The exterior scans we conduct are meticulous, covering 2D elevations, roofing, and elevation changes, along with details of roofing HVAC and parapets. We also model exterior gas meters and piping, and locations of gutters and downspouts, providing a holistic view of your industrial plant’s external components.

Benefits of Precision-Driven 3D Modeling

Leveraging our advanced 3D laser scanning services means obtaining comprehensive insights that allow for informed decision-making and proactive approach in managing and upgrading your industrial plant. These precise models are invaluable in identifying inefficiencies, planning renovations, and ensuring that all modifications are carried out with an absolute understanding of the existing structures and systems. This depth of detail guarantees precision in refurbishments and enhancements, resulting in maximized efficiency and productivity.

Know Your Space is at the forefront of offering cutting-edge 3D modeling solutions through our advanced 3D laser scanning services. By focusing on every minute detail within and around industrial facilities, we help you gain profound insights, enabling you to optimize your plant efficiency. Our commitment is to provide you with a comprehensive, detailed, and laser-accurate model, covering all aspects of your facility, facilitating informed decision-making and precision in modifications. Whether it’s internal structures, equipment layout, or external elements, we ensure every facet of your industrial plant is meticulously mapped, modeled, and understood.

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