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3D Scanning Processing And Registration

3D Scanning Processing And Registration by Know Your Space

Know Your Space specializes in offering laser-precise 3D Scanning, Processing, and Registration services, providing intricate insights into your existing built environment. Our top-notch services ensure the delivery of comprehensive reports detailing the scanned space, enabling clients to protect, document, design, and build with confidence for the success of their various projects.

We extend our meticulous services to a wide range of clientele including, but not limited to, architects, general contractors, project and facility managers, property developers, interior designers, property managers, rental property owners, and homeowners, aiding them in understanding and optimizing their spaces better.

Key Applications Include:

  • Architects: Utilize detailed scans to create accurate architectural designs and revisions.
  • Engineering Consulting: Employ precise 3D data in offering expert advice and solutions.
  • Engineering Design: Leverage accurate scans for enhanced design development and planning.
  • General Contractors: Integrate precise data to optimize construction processes and project management.


We provide clients with accurately registered and meticulously indexed point clouds, ready for upload to various 3D modeling software. We pride ourselves on supporting most file types, including rcp, E57, among others, ensuring seamless integration and adaptability.

How it Benefits You:

Our high-quality 3D scanning services empower you to visualize and comprehend your space in unprecedented detail, aiding in informed decision-making processes related to design alterations, construction planning, and space management. It also serves as a pivotal tool for documentation and preservation, enabling stakeholders to safeguard their investments effectively.

Whether you are an architect seeking precision in design, a contractor aiming for flawless execution, or a homeowner striving for optimal space utilization, Know Your Space provides the essential 3D scanning solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

By leveraging our cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise in the field, we facilitate a deeper understanding of built environments, allowing for more innovative and successful project outcomes across a variety of sectors.