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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Comprehensive Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services by Know Your Space

Know Your Space is a distinguished provider of laser-precise Building Information Modeling (BIM) services, offering intricate insights into your existing constructed space encapsulated in an extensive report. Our services are meticulously designed to aid in the protection, documentation, design, and construction of your projects, ensuring their optimal success. The versatility of our BIM services makes them a perfect fit for diverse applications, offering logistical and cost advantages to your project.

Services Offered:

Our broad spectrum of BIM services includes:

  • BIM Modeling and Architectural Support Services: Offering comprehensive support in creating accurate and reliable architectural models.
  • Interior Design and Landscape Modeling Services: Crafting meticulous models for interior and landscape designs.
  • BIM Revit Family Creation and Structural Detailing Support Services: Providing detailed and customized structural models.
  • MEP BIM-VDC Contractor Support Services: Specializing in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing models, ensuring a well-rounded approach.

Benefits of BIM Services:

  • Scan to BIM: Utilizing laser scanners, we capture the existing conditions of a project in 3D, converting the scanned data into accurate as-built models, offering a reliable foundation for further project phases.
  • Design and Remodeling: For architects looking to remodel or expand a space, our BIM services offer invaluable insights, enabling efficiencies in the planning process for industrial or food service spaces.
  • Schedule Planning: Assisting general contractors with accurate BIM for efficient planning and build-out of spaces, incorporating advanced tools like Autodesk’s BIM 360.
  • Clash Detection: Identifying and addressing potential issues and conflicts, offering solutions even before the initiation of the project, ensuring a reduction in waste and adherence to schedules.

Applications of BIM:

Our BIM services cater to a variety of professionals including:

  • Architects & Engineers: Offering precise models for optimal designing.
  • General & MEP Contractors and Manufacturers: Providing meticulous details for construction and manufacturing processes.
  • Facility Managers & Interior Designers: Assisting in effective management and designing of spaces.
  • Building Owners & Property Developers: Delivering insights for better building management and development.


Our clients receive a range of deliverables such as:

  • Point Cloud Data (Raw Data), 2D CAD Drawings, and 3D BIM Models: Delivering extensive details in various formats.
  • Aerial Photogrammetry & Comparative Analysis: Providing aerial insights and detailed comparisons.
  • Deformation Analysis & Floor Flatness Analysis/Contour Mapping: Offering insights into structural deformities and floor flatness.
  • New Construction Accuracy Analysis & Reconciliation of Clients’ Design Drawings: Comparing new constructions with design drawings for accuracy.
  • Volume Calculations & Wall Plumb Analysis: Delivering precise volume calculations and wall alignments.

At Know Your Space, our aim is to drive your projects to success through our advanced BIM services, offering unparalleled precision and reliability in modeling. By employing our services, clients can envision, plan, and execute their projects with enhanced accuracy and efficiency, ensuring the realization of their vision with minimized discrepancies and maximized adherence to project timelines.